Monday, August 26, 2013

Just a thought - Too many MOBAs?

Okay, so I can't be the only one that's feels this way, but is anyone starting to think this MOBA trend is starting to get a LITTLE bit out of hand? Month after month, the market is just getting flooded with more and more MOBA titles, even more than the whole World of Warcraft  and Call of Duty trends.

With the success of League of Legends, and to a slightly lesser extent, DOTA 2, so many developers and publishers are blindly trying to cash in on their success, and chances are that they will fail miserably, but that's not going to stop them from trying, of course.

I mean, just the other week, Deep Sliver announced that they'll be making a Dead Island MOBA... I mean, just who in the hell was clamoring for a MOBA title based on Dead Island, the most over-hyped zombie action title of 2011?

And if that wasn't already a terrible enough idea for a MOBA title, just recently I saw THIS while I was poking around Cinderboy's blog the other day...

A King of Fighters MOBA? They're about to take a legendary 2-D fighting game series, and turn THAT into a MOBA? I can't even wrap my head around this concept. There's even some gameplay footage available and I still can't wrap my head around it.

Just like with all the publishers and developers that followed the WoW-like MMO trend and the CoD-like Military FPS trend: Unless you're working on the real deal, you're NEVER going to reach even one-third of its success. I also usually don't believe that new video games need to reinvent the wheel in order to be fun, but in this case, it should, otherwise why bother?
  • You're never going to capture the success of World of Warcraft, because the audience you're after is too busy playing World of Warcraft.
  • You're never going to capture the success of Call of Duty, because the audience you're after is too busy playing Call of Duty.
  • You're never going to capture the success of League of Legends, because the audience you're after is too busy playing League of Legends.
  • And so on.
This should be really simple logic, but so many companies just follow these trends like sheep and it just blows my mind.

Also: In all honesty, the MOBA genre doesn't seem like a genre that could ever truly evolve, since they're already an evolution, or rather a de-evolution of the RTS genre, and a whole lot of them are pretty "same-y" in terms of core gameplay. Sure, there's some subtle differences in mechanics for some of them, but overall, they all share the same elements: Control one unit, only have up to four abilities to use, and spend the whole match running and/or fleeing from enemies with PvP confrontations only lasting for a few seconds.

This post of mine is clearly just a rant, and it's not like I have anything deep or thought provoking to say on this matter, but it's getting to a point where these trends are less of being trends more like plagues against humanity. Simply put: This shit needs to stop.


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