Friday, September 16, 2011

Just an update - 9/16/2011

Despite the fact that I'm still somewhat addicted to Mabinogi, I decided to put a lot on my plate for this. Got some fun looking games to play and review, including Dragon Saga and Dynasty Warriors Online. One interesting one in the bunch is a strange looking title called "Xotic".

It's an FPS that's focused racking up high scores from killing enemies and setting off chain reactions to boost your score. It also has color instead of the usual brown 'n bloom. It's currently available on Steam and DizzyPW got me a promo code to try it out. Will have a review soon.

Speaking of Mabinogi: I've been bouncing back and forth between my human, giant and elf character, just doing whatever. Even though the game is kind of a sinking ship, what with the constant maintenance down times, servers crashes and all that. But still, I can't get enough. I decided to stick around for the GM Hot Time event to see if I could win a free Griffin pet. Didn't win the pet, sadly, but saw lots of crazy stuff.

IGN: Rahzell - LV73 total
IGN: Helenisha - LV40 total
IGN: Kaiyam - LV30 Total

(All characters are on Mari server)


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