Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just an update - 9/28/2011

Boy, I really should post something else on my blog besides just these updates... But still, this week is looking pretty interesting. Still playing Mabinogi even though hackers, gold dupers and Nexon themselves are ruining it. Managed to finish  G1 and G13 on my human character and I'm getting started on G2 (all of which must be solo'd which is kinda nice.)

The dreaded non-saving character data glitch also happened both on Mari and Ruairi recently. It wasn't so bad, though. I mean sure, the glitch allows people to dupe their gold and effectly destory the game's economy even more, but hey without the glitch, I wouldn't have been able to take these amusing pictures with all my pets:

I'm also been playing some Dragon Saga for review. So far, I think the game is decent. I like the Crystal Chronicles vibe it has going for it, but the gameplay feels a bit stiff. That's all I really have to say about it right now.

Lots of other fun stuff to play this week, like the Battlefield 3 "Open Beta" this thursday, and apparently, it's got 99 problems:

...and I got one problem: I have no idea how well it's gonna run on my rig. Sure, my PC meets all the recommended requirements except for the GPU. I got a GTX460 in this thing and all sites recommend GTX5xx series. which is bull because we all know the 5xx series is basically just the 4xx series with less power consumption and heat dissipation. Oh whatever, I'll find out soon enough...

Two closed betas on Friday! Brawl Busters goes into CBT2 with a new map (Pinball Avenue) some new weapons/outfits and a revamped netcode. 

The other closed beta is Family Guy Online. Not expecting much from this, but it should be "interesting" to say the least.

 Yes, this game still exists.

Last for me is a playthrough of APB:Reloaded. GamersFirst has really been tweaking the hell out of it and they're almost ready to pull the game out of beta. I snagged the chance to do a review on it starting this October.

So BF3 on Thursday, Brawl Busters or Friday and APB on Saturday. Yay.


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