Friday, September 2, 2011

Just an update - 9/2/2011

Feeling kind of bored... So hey, why don't I update my blog with more crap?
Anyway, the consistency of me updating my blog hasn't been so great, and it's gonna be even more inconsistent now that college is back in motion. Packing up to head back to Stockton this Monday, but it seems housing is going to stick me in a hotel for the entire semester.
The hotel actually sounds kinda nice, but I'm not too fond of the hotel being five miles away from campus, meaning I have to take a shuttle bus in the morning and stick around the place until the day over.

Oh but who cares about that stuff, anyway?!

I've really been getting into playing Mabinogi, recently. I don't know why, but I can't seem to get enough of it. Bought a premium Elf and Giant card but haven't been leveling them to much. My main focus is on my basic human character. I think I'm half way through my G1 quests, but god damn it's soooooooooo lonnnnnnnnngggggg. I'm really gonna need some help through these, so if anyone is playing Mabinogi on the Mari server, message me or something...

IGN: Rahzell

Speaking of which: DizzyPW over at OnRPG asked me to do a review on Mabinogi, as well as beta impressions on Brawl Busters. Managed to nail those articles out before the month ended, so expect those sometime next week.

Last thing I'd like to mention: DizzyPW is heading over to Taiwan to attend Gamania's personal own gaming press conference to highlight some of their upcoming titles.

I'm a little anxious to see what Dizzy gets to check out there, mainly because they'll be showcasing Tiara Concerto Online. I've had my eye on this one because it has slutty native American catgirls with duel-wielding pistols what seems to be some nice action based gameplay infused with music, though I haven't seen much of the musical inspired part.

Overall, it looks nice and has the potential to NOT suck and be another generic grindfest.

That's all I feel like posting for now. Go away.


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