Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TERA (NA) - Log - 7/14 to 7/21

I know that I haven't done one of these logs in awhile, but there has been a couple of events and activities that I participated in recently that I would really like to share with everyone! The month of July was filled with so much adventure and excitement that I'm hoping to have more of these experiences like these soon (before my subscription runs out, that is.)

On Saturday July 14th, Fiora Laurent of the High Elves Council held a fashion show in the Velika Outskirts dueling ring. I personally thought it was a weird place to host a fashion show, and figured it would have been better to have it hosted at the podium in one of the Velika Plazas, but whatever, I said. It was their event after all...

The contest was a bit long winded, as contestants were asked to bring two outfits: One formal and one other outfit of their choosing. Contestants were also required to ask questions regarding why they choice their outfits and what their favorite hobby was... I could understand asking the contestants about why they decided to go with the outfits they brought, but a question about your favorite hobby? I thought it was supposed to be a fashion contest, rather than some kind of beauty pageant...

Anyway, I wore my usual outfit as my formal one: The open chest cuirass with the rope binding in the middle, along with my new favorite outfit: The aviator suit!

I didn't have anything special to say about the suit, other than I wanted to make use of a gift (the aviator cap) that I got from working with Invasico for months.

In the end, though, I didn't win any place in the fashion contest. I was kinda disappointed because I really thought I stood out with my aviator outfit matching from head to toe. The winners of the contest had outfits that were... well... they weren't bad at all, but I say they certainly weren't all that great, either! Not trying to say that I deserved to win (or maybe I am... dohohoho,) but I think the judges might have judged a bit hastily (which was a strong possibility since the judges were taking way too long with their announcements/conversations, and the whole event was cutting it VERY close to second & last Nexus run of the day!)

I certainly had fun with the even, but I don't think I'll be attending another one from The High Elves Council. At least, not until they get judges that have a better sense of fashion!

Picture from Kayuki's Art Book

The next event that happened on the 19th was a hiking trip with the guild leader of a small travelers group called "Broken Compass". We hiked up all the way to Oblivion Woods in Crescentia and climbed the hills to visit the lost zone: Baldera.

It was rather creepy seeing how lifeless the place was. We wanted to explore the place a bit, so we formed two expedition parties. As soon as we started exploring, we managed to lose two members of our group, and we had trouble tracking them down since the map and mini-map wasn't available in this area.

Fortunately, we were able to find the missing members as we discovered an abandoned outpost. After we rummaged the camp for any we could use, the guild leader of Broken Compass treated us to a little ghost story, explaining the possible story behind the Goat Statues that crossed our path. It wasn't very scary, but it was fun to screw around with some of our late joiners to the exploration (a few members got teleported to our location while we were there. Apparently summoning works no matter where you are.)

After our little intermission, we set out to do examine the huge wooden fort over yonder. It took us awhile to find a way in, but we all managed to get a peak inside.

Sadly, what we found on the other side of the wooden doors was...

...another wooden door. Of course we couldn't open it, so there wasn't much else we could do here.

Lastly, we stumbled onto the lost of Baldera: An ancient ruins with sun beams from above that clouded the area in a mysterious shade of gray.

The city wasn't as lost as we thought it was, though: Apparently there were a few Federation units here. Apparently they were set to be stationed there and investigate the city until further notice. Maybe someday they'll finish their investigating so the rest of the Federation can see what truths and secrets lie here...

I decided that I wanted to do more rummaging, so I went to loot some of the boxes for stuff. I managed to find a near little sweater for me to wear. I lucked out pretty well, though, as other members in the group didn't get such great finds...

To end the journey off, the Elins of our group decided to stand up on stone arches and started to have a little dance party (because we all know Elins just love having their little dance lines! And for what I don't know...)


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