Thursday, August 2, 2012

MMOHut - League of Legends Play Session

As some of you may already know: OnRPG and MMOHut are now sort of merging together as the company that owns both sites wants to combine viewership and communities. As a part of the new changes, the company is now looking to have me help out with "Let's Plays" and "First Look" sessions on the MMOHut YouTube channel.

I'm very excited, as well as very nervousness about this new opportunity. Mainly because I have to fill this shoes of another guy that was a popular commentator for MMOHut. Luckly, I won't be doing these videos alone, as I'll be doing them with my brother. I'm usually not very good at trying to commentate by myself, as I feel very awkward when speaking to myself during a recording, even though I know that I'm speaking for an audience. With my brother, I won't feel so awkward and I'll be able to speak out naturally, plus he's a pretty funny guy at times, so I'll be able to bring gameplay and info while he brings the energy and laughter, so I think it works out pretty well.

Sort of as an ice breaker for members of OnRPG and MMOHut to mingle with each other, we had a live session of League of Legends featuring DizzyPW, JamesBl0nde, ColbyCheeze and Omer from MMOHut. I didn't have much experience playing LoL or any DotA/MOBA game before, and the same went for my brother and James. Omer and DizzyPW had tons of experience, though. We played a bot match before the recording and did pretty well. The live match against real players, however... not so much.

Still, I had fun and so did everyone else.


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