Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just an update - 8/14/2012

Hello random viewers. I just giving a small update of what's been going on...

In the last couple of weeks, me and my brother have been given the opportunity to start our very on Let's Play series on MMOHut, which was proposed by one of the full-time staff members in the company. I was really excited for the whole thing, since I've always wanted to do a LP with my brother, and the banter that comes from me and my brother when we play video games is pretty hysterical, so I thought it would have been an excellent way to appease the subscribers of MMOHut that crave some entertainment to go with their gameplay videos.

Unfortunately, the MMOHut community did not take us in with very open arms. Due to the recent actions of a previous video commentary, the YouTube community for MMOHut is still in an uproar, and they're not willing to let anyone commentate unless it's coming from Omer, the previous owner of MMOHut, or "The other guy". The amount of negative feedback was pretty massive, and it left me a bit sad and depressed.

Almost a day after the video went up, I received word about management deciding to cancel our LP series (I guess since it was just one video, it was more of a "pilot" than a series at that point). It's understandable, though. There's way too much drama happening on MMOHut right now and it just doesn't seem like it's going to die down anytime soon. I really wanted to comment on the video me and my brother made from my own account just to say "Give us a chance!" but after reading the 50th "YOU GUYS SUCK BRING BACK OMER AND "the other guy" comment I just couldn't bare view the video anymore, and I'm usually thick skinned when it comes to direct criticism.

I will admit that it wasn't a great first try for a LP session, and I really do believe that the video could have been a lot better. The sound quality was off since I was messing with primary sound devices, and there was several interruptions and recording issues. We had to re-record three times, and by the time we did our 3rd recording, all the good material that we came up with was used up, and if we tried to re-use it, it would have just seemed a bit force on.

While the series has been cancelled on MMOHut, DizzyPW is looking to keep the series going by having it moved over to OnRPG. I really hope we get another shot and have a chance to do a much better job than last time.

For those that are wondering: The video we did was on SMITE, a 3rd Person MOBA game developed Hi-Rez Studios. You can look it up on MMOHut's YouTube channel and all that. I, kinda don't want to link it here myself. Still can't bare to re-view the video and see all those negative comments. *sigh*


Anyway, what else has been going on for me? Well I have been looking forward to Gamescom, mostly for new character reveals for the upcoming Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale. I was expecting a really big character announcement due to all the hype building messages coming from the NeoGAF and /vg/ message boards. Instead, all we got was characters that were already mentioned in the previous roster leak: Spike from Ape Escape, Dante from Ninja Theory's DmC, Racket & Clack from their game series and Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet.

Not really interested in Sackboy or Racket & Clank, but Spike looks hella fun to play, even though I've never played an Ape Escape game in my life, and DmC Dante actually looks great in terms of how he plays out and has style cancels. As cool as he looks, I REALLY just wish they had went with classic Dante, instead. What I'm thinking is that SuperBot asked for regular old Dante, but Capcom gave them Ninja Theory's Dante instead, and since SuperBot is a new dev company and can't really go around pushing demands, it was either "Take it or leave it" for them.

I hope that SuperBot at least got permission to include a classic Dante skin as DLC, but Capcom would probably make people pay a lot for it.


I'm actually getting back into doing some reviews: This month I'm reviewing Ghost Recon Online. I previously did an impressions video stating the games strengths and (many) weakness. Most of the issues I had with the game could easily be fixed, though.

Planetside 2 is having CBT sessions all this week, so I'm looking to get in a few games and see what all the buzz is about. I've always wanted to play a game like this because it reminds of of the Battlefield series but on a much larger scale.

Lastly, I'm currently on the fence about reviewing the recent Pyromania update for Team Fortress 2. I'm thinking it might be late to jump on it, but Valve just recently revealed their Mann vs. Machine update which is a 6-player co-op mode where players of both RED and BLU can work together and team up against robot versions of TF2 characters. Still on that fence whether I should go with the review or give it up to someone else, though.

 I might do another update post regarding my time spent on TERA, but that's all for now.


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