Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big week!

I think it's fair to say that next week is going to a big one for me because I going to NY next weekend to attend Comic Con!

Now, I've never been to convention before, but I hear they're creepy as hell, with all those sweaty nerds dressing up and what not. But I'm mostly going there on business, checking out a couple of booths and doing some coverage on some real high profile titles including Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Secret World.

Could be fun, but at the same time I'm a bit worried. This is the first press event I'll be covering that WON'T be behind my computer screen, and to be honest: I don't know much about these titles outside of the information already noted on their websites, so I better start snooping for some decent questions to ask in case I find myself doing an impromptu interview.

Still, I'm just exicted to be heading back to NY again. Last time I went there was with my brother and a few of his friends for St. Patricks Day, and oh man what a day it was. I'll never forget walking around from pub to pub with those guys, and me getting drunk off ONE beer. Plus the trip back home was hilarous.

Other than that: Still playing around with Dragon Saga for review and will be replaying APB:Reloaded later on.


kingrpg said...

Yes, it is very interesting. I want to go every year.

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