Sunday, October 16, 2011

NY Comic Con - Day 3

Argh, my aching back.

I'm gonna get this post out real quick because I'm pretty tired at the moment, but today was interesting than yesterday. Most of my morning was spent around the Intel PC Gaming booth because due to the jealous I had over my brother winning that Core i7 Extreme CPU, I wanted to win one myself... by entering an Unreal Tournament 3 Tourney. I played that game for hours and felt I actually had a winning chance, but when preliminary rounds started, I always lost by a hair or from playing on a map I had no knowledge of. The third prelim round with the map set to ROCKETS ONLY really pissed me off and I gave up at that point. No new CPU for me. :( At 4PM, it was time for me to get back to work. I got a little tour of the TRANSFORMER UNIVERSE booth and interviewed Laura for more info on the game. The new Jagex engine used to power the game looked great, and they took the time to demonstrate some of the animation process using Maya.

Besides that: I made an ass of myself playing that Black Eyed Peas dance game and took more cosplay pictures...

And that's that! Tomorrow is probably going to be the most interesting that, though. The Mega Man Legends 3 fan group set up at Comic Con to get more supporters to revive the game. At 3 PM EST, they plan to protest around the Capcom booth and stuff. I plan to get a video recording of this


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