Monday, October 17, 2011

NY Comic Con - Day 4

And it is OVER!

The NY Comic Con ended at 5:00 PM today and I managed to get most of my work done covering a few booths. This whole thing was a huge learning experience for me, and really showed me that I need a lot of tools to do my job more effectively, like an audio recorder, better video recorder and whatnot. With that in mind, I'll be far more prepared for next year, or for any other public event I can go to. I checked out the Star Wars: TOR booth which had a one hour wait time for PvE and PvP play. I mostly wanted to get inside the booth so I could take pictures of the place, but the exhibitors wouldn't let me. I was only allowed to take pictures outside and behind some of the players. When I finally got in, I tried out the PvE and went with the Smuggler class.

After the short play-through I had, I can safely say that the game was... well... kinda boring. It's true what they say that the game is sort of like WoW with lightsabers. But then again, I only got 17 minutes of playtime, so that's not enough time to give proper judgment.

Next up was the fan booth for Mega Man Legends 3. I know I mentioned that they were planning to gather a bunch of supporters and "protest" around the Capcom booth around 3:00 PM, but I misspoke. They were actually planning a "peaceful march" down to the booth, and apparently Seth Killian, marketing director for Capcom US, knew all about the march and was totally cool about it. After the marchers reached the booth, they met up with Seth to present a huge scroll filled with fan appreciation and support from people at Comic Con in reviving MML3. Seth took the scroll to heart and have a friendly discussion with the marchers a bit later. I have some footage of the march and a little bit of footage from the meeting with Seth:

Seth agreed to send the huge scroll to the higher ups in Capcom Japan to support to cause. Mission accomplished!

I was done covering any more booth after that, so I spent the rest of my time playing the latest build of Skullgirls and tried out Dead Island for the first time. One thing I DO regret was not getting a beta key for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta which is happening right now, and the stupid part was that I was around the Intel booth where they were giving out  keys quite often. Damn. All in all, though, I had a really great time and got to see a lot of great/funny/stupid/creepy stuff. Definitely going again next year.


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