Friday, October 14, 2011

NY Comic Con - Day 1


Managed to check out the first day of Comic Con.

...Well, just a little bit of it, anyway. I actually showed up late with my brother, thinking there wouldn't be anything to see, but luckly we had 4-day passes so we were able to check out the IGN Kick Off event, which was a concert headlined by a DJ named Z-Trip and some rock band that I didn't really care for.

I heard about this DJ awhile back, and heard some of his remixes and I thought they were pretty crappy, but the performance he put on last night was pretty good and had some much better remixes going, so that was a bit surprising.

Other than that, I snapped a few shots of some cheesy cosplayers (most of which were terrible because I'm a lousy photographer):

 Oh snap, it's Kick-Ass!

Oh snap, it's black Bruce Lee!

Oh snap, it's... Zangief in his later years... Yikes.

Also to note: This is first convention I've ever been to, and I can only expect things to get weirder from here on out. I sure hope I won't be too distracted from all the nonsense so I can set out to do what I came to Comic Con for: Covering any and all MMO related booths, including FunCom's "The Secret World" and Jagex/Hasbro's "Transformers Universe".

That is all... FOR NOW.


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