Thursday, October 27, 2011

G-Star 2011 - Get Hyped!

So who's excited for G-Star this year? I know I am! There's a crap ton of titles I've had my eye on for the past couple of years are getting new details revealed.

Some of the games on my radar include Blade & Soul, GunZ: the Duel 2, Cabal II, FreeJack and many others. Here's a few that I (and think you) should be keeping your eyes on:

Blade & Soul:
  • Summoner class shown/playable at their booth
  • 7th class revealed
  • CBT3/OBT dates announced

GunZ: the Duel 2:
  • Playable preview build
  • PvP including four maps: Mansion, Pier 5, Refinery, Market Town
  • PvE confirmed, but map is undecided whether it will include a boss battle

Cabal II
  • New footage showcasing the new engine (CryEngine 2 to CryEngine 3)

  • New footage showcasing finalized content (will most likely include the recently announced Graffiti gameplay mode)

And that's just to name a few. There's also new Cyphers footage (probably the first MOBA game I've ever been interested in) and a HUGE booth for Guild Wars 2:

*Pic gathered from

I was hoping for details regarding Mabinogi 2 and ArcheAge, but at the moment they're either declared as a "no show" or strictly Business-2-Business behind closed doors, but hey there might be a leak or two. You know how the internet is these days...

Also on my radar:
  • Continent of the Ninth (C9)
  • Battle Territory: Battery
  • NED
  • Bless
  • Dizzel

I can't be ONLY one this excited for G-Star this year, right? Let me know I'm not alone! Post a comment or something! G-Star will Busan, South Korea from November 10th to 13th.

I'll be following such sites as, AcroFan via YouTube and of course, Cinderboy's blog: MMOCulture.

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