Saturday, October 15, 2011

NY Comic Con - Day 2

Second day down. Things started out more rough than yesterday, though: There was a lot of rain before I got to the center and I had to dredge through two miles of it. With that and the tons of traffic, I missed the live demo portion of "The Secret World" event.

I managed to catch the Q&A session, though. There was one question that people around the OnRPG forums wanted me to ask, and it was regarding why The Secret World will be using a subscription based model instead of going with the trend of F2P. The response I got was: They're going with a P2P w/ Item Shop. Item shop will have mostly cosmetic items and they feel that TSW is a quality game for P2P with all the content it has. And they seem pretty damn confident about it, too. That's all I could get out of them, so I hope that's a good enough question.

Afterwards: I walked over to the event area for Street Fighter X Tekken. They revealed some new features including a gem system and revealed that Rufus from SFIV will be playable. TThey also set the release date for Street Fighter X Tekken will be on March 6, 2012. A PC version was also in development (which I was happy about) and 9 more characters were teased near the end.

Last thing I did was head over to the Intel Booth to waste some time with some PC games, but I ran into my brother who was in line for a Spin & Win game.

My bro was only expecting to win a pen from the game, but you know what he won? A god damn Intel Core i7 Extreme, an $800 dollar CPU. And the annoying part is that he's an AMD user. I mad.

I also walked over to the Nico Nico booth and talked about whatever over a live stream with live user feedback. I got a laugh out of that because most of the comments were "CAN YOU CAN RAP?" I ended my day after that because I was tired as hell. I don't have any pictures to post at the moment since I'm having upload trouble with this hotel, so I'll most likely have to upload everything on Sunday. Sucks.


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