Friday, July 15, 2011

Just an update - 7/15/2011

Well I'm starting to lose interest in GetAmped II. Reasons behind this include lag, horrible updates, horrible service, a crappy community and more!

But not like it matters, since I've been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 since it when free-to-play. (I've had TF2 sitting on my steam account along with the rest of the Orange Box package for well around two years.) Even with all the hat nonsense, TF2 is hella fun. Almost makes me wish that I had started playing this game sooner. I try to balance out my play time with all classes, but the scout is my favorite by far since he plays out as if I was enjoying a twitch based shooter.

If anyone wants to play TF2 with me, my steam ID is Mikedot. I don't have any favorite servers or anything like that, since I mostly play on valve official servers to pick on F2P users.

Besides from that, I also have a whole bunch of other games I've looking to play soon, like Brawl Busters (which is like TF2, but as a class-based beat 'em up). I also have Rusty Hearts closed beta and Dragon Nest open beta to look forward to near the end of this month.

Oh, and I got set up with a product tour to try out a revamped version of CrimeCraft sometime next week. Should be good.

I'm not looking to ditch GA2 again completely (around $400 wasted on this game, so I'm pretty much obligated to go down with this sinking ship), so I'm just going to treat it like fancy chatroom from now on.


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