Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just an update - 7/31/2011

2:13 AM.

Still up when I should be asleep, but here's an update on every little thing you could care less about in my daily life!

I just got invited to a roundtable discussion for the Pre-CBT of Brawl Busters.. Looks like the CBT date is going to be revealed this Thursday and there's going to be no embargo on any information I hear during the conference.

Want to give me some questions to ask the Rock Hippo Production guys regarding the game? If so, leave your questions here in the comment box.

This week is looking good for me, though. Along with the Brawl Busters roundtable, "Agents of Change" DLC for Brink is FINALLY coming out this Wednesday, so I'll have a reason to start playing it again. Really sucks that Brink didn't gain the success I was hoping for, and by the time they patch up and add new stuff, it will be too late. Oh well, I guess.

Other than that, I just started this two hours ago, but I'm already deep into my Rusty Hearts closed beta impressions. I would have started earlier, but a huge gale force storm hit my area only a few days ago. Shit was the heaviest storm I've ever seen, even though some people I know claim that there was an even worse storm that hit us before.

My procrastination powers seem to be growing! Whenever I'm too lazy to procrastinate myself, nature will do it for me!

Nah, but seriously, I hope to have it done before Monday.



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