Friday, August 5, 2011

Brawl Busters - Closed Beta Sneak Peek

Yesterday, I got to chat with the guys over at Rock Hippo Productions about their latest game, Brawl Busters, which is going into closed beta next Thursday, August 11th! Personally, I'm pretty damn excited about this one since I previously tried the game out when it was known as "Plan B". Back then, it was really in the fetal stages of development, but I had a ton of fun with it. But anyway: We talked about was pretty basic stuff: Closed beta will be open next week for anyone that gets granted the closed beta key. They keys haven't been distributed yet, but we should get them next Wednesday at the latest. Anyone that plays during closed beta will receive a special title called "Original Buster" and will follow your accounts all the way from open beta and into commercial launch.
Will this title come with any special perks or benefits? Well according to the RHP guys: Yes, it will! What kind of benefits you'll get from having the title, however, remains a mystery.

As a small taste of what to expect from content in the closed beta: You'll be able to customize your buster with 10 different body types (most likely five male and five female body types) along with three face styles and five skin tones.

You'll start out by picking out a main/preferred class for you buster and blaze through a quick and painless tutorial session. From there: you'll be free to jump into any single and multiplayer matches, play dress up with your new buster, check out the item shops and what not.

There will be several multiplayer modes available: Team deathmatch, zombie mode and glow rush. Team deathmatch is pretty self explanatory, and so should zombie mode, but as for glow rush mode: It's a multiplayer mode that plays very similar to Team deathmatch, but instead of defeating enemies for kill points, you'll be defeating them for glow power ("glow" is the radioactive substance that powers the buster weapons) which you hold onto as you fight through the match.
If an enemy player defeats you while carrying any amount of glow, they take your glow points and it goes back and forth until the match timer ends and the team with the most glow points wins.

As for single player modes: You'll have access to some quick training missions that will teach you some tips and tricks on how to play your preferred buster class properly, and some missions that will earn you new items.

The in-game currency used in Brawl Busters will be called "Buster Points" (BP). You'll use these points to buy outfits, items and upgrades for your buster. Speaking of upgrades: Back during its Plan B stages, you only had access to one secondary and special attack, but now you'll be able to upgrade your buster's weapons with alternative attacks, as well as passive stats.

The world of Brawl Busters is set in a huge urban metropolis named "Mega City". The maps in Brawl Busters are all located in this big city and are referred to as "districts" For closed beta, there will be four available districts: Loco Square, Sunset Street, Triple Adventure and Brawl Factory.

Wanna get a quick look at each map? Well you're in luck, since I uploaded a couple of videos from previous Plan B footage that showcase each of these maps, so view and plan your strategies accordingly!

Loco Square

Sunset Street

Triple Adventure

Brawl Factory

(Sorry about the crappy quality. I downloaded these videos from the Cafe Naver page for Plan B and I couldn't get any HD feeds from it.)

Well that's all I have to say for now. For more info on Brawl Busters and its upcoming closed beta, visit

As for everyone that gets into the closed beta: Watch your backs, because I play a mean Rocker. :)

Oh, and here's some extra screenshots for you all to gawk at:


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