Sunday, November 4, 2012

GunZ 2 - 2nd VIP Test

Today, MAIET Entertainment held a second VIP test for a selected few to test out some new features before they launch another closed beta. The client has been updated with some tweaks here and there, but it more or less plays the same as it did in the last version.

They've redone the tutorial a bit and made it shorter so players can breeze through it easier while learning all the game's core mechanics. Another noticeable change is with the Z-point system: They've now included lesser skills and attacks that can be performed, and players now have three bars that can be filled up by attacking enemies or collecting Z-point canisters. Lesser skills and attacks with Z-point can be performed from using up one bar (activated by pressing the E key), but the more powerful skills and attacks require three full bars (activated by pressing the Q key)

From one Z-point bar:
  • Silent Avengers can perform a quick kick that will knock enemies on the ground (can be performed with any weapon)
  • Gunslingers can perform a scan that will temporarily show enemies that are hiding anywhere on the screen (only lasts for a two seconds.)
  • Shield Troopers can perform a jumping smash attack (can only be performed using a riot shield)
The more powerful Z-point attacks also no longer have cinematic cutscenes with them, so they no longer break the pacing of gameplay to a screeching halt.

Other than that, they've made some changes to the UI, added an item shop, player stats/ranking info, one new map for DM/TDM/TDM-E and three new missions along with some briefing videos that play at the start of every mission.

That's as much as I could make from my time spent playing in the VIP Test. I couldn't get any decent footage with some PvP action, because they've made some hefty changes to the netcode that makes my lag issues more prominent than before, and I didn't want to record footage of players flashing and disappearing all over the screen due to my 300+ ping, so I sure hope someone else out there will have something recorded.

Also: Engrish.


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