Monday, December 12, 2011

Just an update - 12/12/2011

Well... this sucks...
I was hoping that my winter break would start off with me kicking back and enjoying DFO online with a few friends, but fate seems to be conspiring against me. First I found out a few days before today that my Nexon account got caught in the hacker outbreak of April 2011 and that all my avatar items were missing on my main Blade Master character.

Then a day after that, my PC starting having slow bootups and HDD problems (which I think I caused myself by shutting down the PC while it was still defragging), and so now my HDD is messed up and all my pictures and documents and porn is slowly becoming inaccessible. I've been trying to get as much data off my messed up HDD over the weekend, but it's such a painfully slow process. Just to give you an idea: I tried to transfer my 1GB documents folder from my messed up HDD to a new HDD, and the time it would take to finish changed from 3 hours to 6 hours, then to 14 hours, then to 1 day, and then it went into question marks...

And now I'm stuck at my brother's college for the next 5 hours because he forgot he had an Art class final to attend while driving around town, and I happened to be in the truck with him.

Could be worse, I suppose.


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