Friday, March 23, 2012

Play Log - TERA (NA) - CBT3 Weekend

With another closed beta test for TERA coming up, I fell like putting up another one of my super amazing play logs for you all to gander at. During CBT3: I joined up with a nice, little social guild called Amity. This guild emphasizes casual play and just enjoying the ride rather than racing towards the level cap. I usually don't join guilds due to the heavy amounts of e-drama that they seem to attract, but I made an exception for this group.

Our guild is currently on Serpent's Isle server. We may be switching over to the RP server during Open Beta, though (even though none of us intend to do some legitimate roleplaying, but most of us would really like the atmosphere.)

After our first meet & greet photo, we had a nice little game of hide-and-seek (oh geez, how childish!) on the Island of Dawn. Guild members had to search for the guild master somewhere on the island, and the first person that finds the guild leader gets their main character used as part of a banner for the guild website. I wanted to win, but I missed out once the guild leader started giving out hints to their location (and I passed that spot up ONCE because I thought it would have been WAY too obvious.)

So I lost the little game, but I had BAMs to kill and levels to gain. I went off I complete my quests out in the Omphalos plains of the Celestial Hills: Two Kumas and Two Naga Mercs. I teamed up with Yumie and Leyfon for these hunts, who were both LV25 and LV35 respectively, so I was sure it was going to be a cakewalk. The first hunt against Kumas, we ended up dragging another Kumas into battle. I wanted to take on one at a time, but the second Kumas just kept getting in the way, so we had no choice.

However: We were able to kill both the Kumas which saved me some time since Yumie and Leyfon were so OP as hell.

Next: Naga Mercenary. I attempted soloing the thing once and would have succeeded in killing it if I didn't get distracted by a phone call.

This hunt went a lot smoother than the previous one, and it would have ended flawlessly but I got greedy when it was low on HP and took a huge hoof stamp to the face.

Tragic. :(

I cleared all the quests in the Omphalos plains after that hunt. There was a few more quests I completed around the Celestial Hills afterwards, but I wanna skip ahead a bit and get to the part where I get to go on my first dungeon run!

A member of my guild (I forget who it was) needed to clear out the Bastion of Lok dungeon and I agreed to join in. Long story short: We beat the dungeon with ease, which was cool since most of us were around the dungeon's target level and at least three of us have never done that instance before.

Fighting the SoulCrusher Golem was a bit annoying, I'll admit. It was hard to figure out the 'tells" in his movements so I kept getting blindsided by his attacks half the time.

SoulCrusher defeated. Just a few more rooms to go before facing off with Vulcan, but first: Some more minion slaughtering and a quick rest.

The instance boss was this huge, ugly ass rat. It was actually a lot easier than the SoulCrusher, since it telegraphs its moves like a mofo. I mean, it literally spends its time walking across the room, just to jump back into the center of it. Easy as pie.

Dungeon completed! Afterwards, we took moment to pose for the camera.

Well those were the highlights of my CBT3 weekend. I really need to start taking videos of my BAM hunts and dungeon runs to make these play logs a bit more interesting. I already have a app for recording videos (FRAPS), but I want to record them in HD, and raw files gobble up a huge amount of my HDD space, so I'm going to ask around a few places on video editing tips and whatnot.



Anonymous said...

Nice screenies and wrap up, Mikedot!

And no worries, I don't think we'll have any e-dramas considering that it has been almost a month that I've joined Amity and it still looks good :)

I have yet to try instanced boss runs...

- vanill4

Anonymous said...

Aww Vani! Instances are fun just mention it in guild next CBT and get a party started, if i'm on i'm so there!!

Nice blogging Mikedot :3


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