Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just a thought - Combos in Fighting Games

Does anyone else out there feel that today's fighting games are putting too much emphasis on combos? I mean sure, there's still a focus on tactics and mindgames , but all of that just seems to lead towards who can combo and juggle their opponents the most. It’s like with every modern fighting game I see, high level tournament play amounts to players finding an opening on their opponent and dealing out 30+ hits in the prettiest way possible.

The way I see it: Combo execution needs to be QUICK and BRIEF, and not just take up half the match. Also: they need have a moderate level of difficulty in pulling off, or at least enough to make a player go:

“Oh wow, that combo was amazing! How did he do that?!”

...and not...

“Oh geez, he got that single hit on me to start off a huge combo. Time to go through the motions…”.

Just as long as the command inputs aren't something ridiculous as Ivy's "Summon Suffering" grab in Soul Caliber... Yeah, I'm sure you know what grab I'm talking about.

Anyway... that's just me. What do you think?


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