Monday, November 7, 2011

GunZ 2 - New gameplay footage (HD) + Artwork

For your viewing pleasure, MAIET Entertainment has revealed new gameplay footage of their upcoming TPS shooter: GunZ 2. Gameplay showcases three playable classes: Assassin, Fighter and Heavy.

From the trailer alone, you can see a ton of differences between this and it's predecessor, including DMC-style bullet juggling, kill moves, sniper rifles, and many other snazzy new features. What I DON'T see is any sort of re-implementation of "K-style" as MAIET claimed they would introduction into GunZ 2, but eh... I can live without it, regardless.

What do YOU think about the new footage?

Source: Inven Webzine (Korean)

(Click read more for more artwork!)


DizzyPW said...

Impressive find. Nice work Mike!

Anonymous said...

i needs MOAR:d

Anonymous said...

animesque stuff
some are so cool they suck
some are cool enough to please everyone

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